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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

50 Shots vol.1 - The Brutal Murder of Sean Bell

A quick lil' documentary to bring yall up to speed...

More artist from the Hip Hop community speak out...

The Game talks about the Sean Bell acquittal

New Game track
The Game - 911 Is A Joke

Joell Ortiz has something to say aswell....

Joell Ortiz - 50 Shots

The 11th Annual Mixtape Awards - Award Winners

The 11th Annual Mixtape Awards (Formally The Justo's) were held tonight in NYC.

Here's a rundown of tonight's winners:

Best Mashup: Clinton Sparks

Best Mixtape Team: The Aphiliates

Best DVD Magazine: Cocaine City

Best Hip Hop Mixtape: The Phantom

Best Underground Mixtape DJ: DJ Scarface

Best Female Mixtape DJ: DJ Blazita

Street Album of the Year: Mr. Crisis

Best Club Mixtape DJ: DJ Enuff

Best East Coast Mixtape Artist: Styles P

Best Radio Mixtape DJ: DJ Envy

Best Mixtape Duo: Big Mike and DJ Thoro

Best Personality on a Mixtape: DJ Khaled

Best New Mixtape DJ: DJ Whiteowl

Best East Coast Mixtape DJ: Big Mike

Lifetime Achievement Award/Executives of the Year:, Chuck and Greg

Mixtape Pioneer Award: Tony Touch

DJ Red Alert Award: DJ Jazzy Joyce

Mixtape Legends Award: DJ Barry Bee

Best R&B Mixtape DJ: DJ Finesse

Best Blends Mixtape DJ: DJ Skee

Best Reggae Mixtape DJ: DJ Kool Kid

Best Graphics: Miami Kaos

Best Mixtape Producer: Don Cannon

Best Underground Artist: Joell Ortiz

Best West Coast DJ: DJ Skee

Best Midwest DJ: Mick Boogie

Best Label Representative: Duke Da God

Best West Coast Mixtape Artist: Crooked I

Best Dirty South Mixtape Artist: Lil Wayne

Best Dirty South DJ: DJ Drama

Best Mixtape Internet Radio Show: Shade 45/Whookid

Best Promotional Mixtape:

Best Reggaeton Mixtape DJ: DJ Flaco

Best Chopped and Screwed: Michael ‘5000′ Watts

Best International Mixtape DJ: DJ Hotsauce

Best Canadian Mixtape DJ: DJ A-Trak

Kayslay Award - Best Mixtape DJ: DJ Drama

Rookie of the Year: Dub Floyd

Mixtape of the Year: Gangsta Grillz

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Prodigy speaks from his cell on his feelings about the Sean Bell verdict.

Here's what Prodigy had to say....

"First of all, rest in peace to Sean Bell and I want to send my condolences to his wife, kids, family and friends and all the Sean Bell boys - Hold your head.

We lost alot of battles but we will win the war. The decision in the Queens courtroom on Friday, April 25 was simply a display of power. The NYPD is just a branch of corruption connected to a giant corrupt tree called the United States government. This tyrannical corrupt tree has its roots planted deep into the United Kingdom.

The Sean Bell murder coverup is less about race and more about power. This evil family tree of corruption will do whatever it takes to remain in a position of power. They will put a judge who they can control on the case, in order to get the outcome they want and eliminate the risk of being exposed and exposing the higher ups. I want to be very clear that all judges, DAs, lawyers, cops are not corrupt, just most of them.

People of all races need to come together to control our government and run a giant comb through it, so we can see the filth that comes out. Right now we have a government that controls the people, instead of people that control their government. Until we can do that, there’ll be several more incidents like the murder of Sean Bell.

America is under a spell and we need to snap out of it."


Monday, April 28, 2008

Grafh has something to say about the Sean Bell verdict....

Grafh has something to say listen up...

Grafh - The People's Verdict

Shouts to DJ Rhude...

This is a DJ Rhude World Premier, from the upcoming DJ Rhude - Fuck Tha Police 08 mixtape....stay tuned...

Consequence, Nelly, & Murphy Lee - In The Booth

Queens own Consequence hits Rap City's "the booth" alongside The Lou's Nelly and Murphy Lee...I ain't gon' front Nelly held his own. I had to raise an eyebrow. Durrty stepped his spit game up during his hiatus....

LL Cool J resurrects the posse cut....

Now this right here is something New York needs more of. LL rounds up 4 fellow recruits from the 5 Boros for a new cut called yeah you guessed it "The 5 Boroughs".

LL Cool J ft. Jim Jones, Method Man, Krs-One, & Lil Kim - "The 5 Boroughs"

Shouts to Mr. Xclusives

Killa Queens stand up!!

Jay Z records diss record aimed @ D. Stevenson and the Wizards??

I don't know what this is about or how it started neither do I care but if you do here's the back story.

I don't know about this one Jay...just seems like bad timing when there's so much going on back home with the Sean Bell situation....

Jay Z - Blow Ya Whistle

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Blaq Poet - DON'T GIVE A FUCC (Promo)

He's BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK you know Po be comin' wit that hard shit....A true Queens veteran....good to see he's doing his thing's a lil sneak preview...

Nas - War is Necessary (snippet) GTA IV

Looks like they're going all out for the latest installment of GTA...

Nas - War is Necessary (snippet)

Prodigy #1 this week on Billboard's Hot Singles Sales chart

Click the link below....

Billboard's Hot Singles Sales chart

For this joint right here...

Prodigy - The Life

H.N.I.C. 2 In Stores Now!!

AZ - Undeniable

N!ggaz is frontin' on my dude AZ...the album is dope go pick that up....

Alicia Keys - Teenage Love Affair

Lets take it to the R&B side of Alicia Keys....

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

B-Boy Spotlight : Supreme Beings - Corona, Queens

That's right we highlight all aspects of the culture over here....check out this sick battle....Supreme Beings are the team on the left....

Supreme Beings vs Last For One/Knucklehead Zoo (Part 1)

Randy Blanco aka Young Skee Freestyle on OdisTv

Prodigy ft. Big Twin - Click Clack (Video)

Oowwwwww....what's fuckin' wit this right now.....

H.N.I.C. 2 In Stores Now....

Illa Ghee Interview + Latest Video

I always liked Illa's music but I became more of a fan when I read some of his interviews and blogs...dude always keeps it real on some down to earth sh!t and straight real talk...good interview below...

Interview By The Gr8 Expression (Pt. 1)

Even though Illa wants everyone to know that he's not from Queensbridge and not Mobb Deep affiliated we still fux wit the Sumner Villain....

New Video

Illa Ghee - Bullet & A Bracelet

G-Unit Update

50's response to Young Buck's new joint "My Interview"

Young Buck - My Interview

On The Set for Rider Pt. 2/I Like The Way She Do It

G-Unit - On Tour Live From Australia And Africa

Riz - Red Light, Green Light

Some of yall might've missed this...

Sha Money XL's new artist Riz outta Harlem, NY....

joint is aiiight....

Lets take it to the Shadyville side of things.....

In The Cut w/ DJ Fro

Monday, April 21, 2008

L.E.O. (Love Equals Omnipotence) - Spiritual Intelligence

A QHH Exclusive....shouts to DJ Tores

I like this joint right here its on some real vintage Hip Hop shit plus wit Large Pro providing the backdrop you can't go wrong...


He's Back!!! **New** Nas - "Be A N!gger Too"

Nas - Be A N!gger Too

Sneak Preview: "The N.O.R.E. Story" Pt. 1 & 2

Sneak preview of the upcoming N.O.R.E. documentary "The N.O.R.E. Story" Pt.1 & 2

Part 1

Part 2

Nas Presents: Bravehearts - Bravehearted Pt. 2

01. A Ha 03:46
02. Slide Wit Me 04:24
03. Good Money 03:14
04. Live Or Die (Feat. AD) 05:12
05. Pocket Or Two (Feat. D-Stress & Cory Gunz) 04:08
06. Gun On Me 03:28
07. I Want In (Feat. Nas) 03:42
08. It's Getting Hot 02:50
09. Is You Aight 03:57
10. Mean Tongue 03:20
11. A Bronx Tale (Feat. Sier Castro & Billy Red) 05:28
12. Gangsta 03:23
13. I'm Looking For Him 03:19
14. One Way (Feat. G-Wiz) 03:03
15. When I Find You 02:45


Saturday, April 19, 2008

50 Says Buck gets high on syrup & coke/Young Buck responds wit new song

Well this situation looks like it's not heading towards a happy ending.

50 Cent alleges in a recent interview with MTV that he has knowledge of Young Buck using both Cocaine and Syrup.

"Buck's probably high right now," 50 said sarcastically, "He doesn't even get high anymore — he just maintains his [high]. You have to get sober to be high," 50 said. "When they say, 'Party like a rock star,' he goes beyond what they are talking about. Multiple, different sh--."

50 predicts that Buck will soon release a diss track.

"That's inevitable," 50 said. "In confusion, you gonna try to do anything you can do to try and be aggressive. I predict he'll say disrespectful things as we move forward."

Well looks like that prediction has now come true.

Young Buck responds to 50's allegations in a new song titled "My Interview". Which includes lines like these....

“Damn right I’m sipping syrup, flipping birds to get what I deserve,” Buck raps in the opening verse. “And I hear the same things that you heard/ That ‘50 kicked him out’ or ‘Buck sniffs coke and he flips out’/ It’s too late, the whole world know what I be about/ Sh–, I do make mistakes like any other man/ Sh–, I recoup off an album, quicker than you can … Am I loyal? Dr. Dre can answer that for ya.”

Young Buck - My Interview

Kool G Rap is lookin' for some fire production....

Producers think you got what it takes? He's your oppurtunity to work with a true Queens legend. Kool G Rap is currently takin' submissions for his upcoming album.

Send all beats to Domingo @

Royal Flush runs from an autograph seekin' fan lol....

Since we on that Wastelandz shit here's a funny lil Royal Flush promo video for your viewing know for a big dude Flush has some hops lol...

Mic Geronimo - "It's Real"

Throwback joint of the day...

Artist Spotlight: Complexion

Complexion get busy wit a quick 'pella for that ass....

Shouts to

Calle Cardona/Gab Gacha - "Out Da Cage"

A QHH Exclusive....

Prodigy ft. Big Twin - Click Clack

Coooooooooooooot Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn!!! ::insert 50 Whoo Kid gun shots:: this is my muthaphuckin shiznit right now.....this that vintage Queens sh!t right here....cop that HNIC 2 April 22nd!!!

Prodigy ft. Big Twin - Click Clack

Tell me Twin doesn't have one of the illest voices in Hip Hop?

Joint is suuuurious....

Capone-N-Noreaga Ink new deal with Bay Area Indie...

Queens duo Capone and Noreaga have inked a new recording deal with San Francisco based independent label SMC Recordings. With this new agreement, CNN joins a growing roster of established artists that will be releasing new projects through SMC during 2008. Last November, Atlanta based MC Killer Mike entered into a partnership with SMC for his Grind Time Official imprint, and Pastor Troy is expected to release the follow up to his previous SMC release, Tool Musiq, at the end of the summer. Capone and N.O.R.E will drop their long awaited third album, tentatively titled Reporting The War, this July. All releases will be distributed through Fontana/Universal.

“We have the best of both worlds–the flexibility and connection to the streets of an independent label and the ability to reach the masses that major label distribution affords,” SMC co-founder Ralph Tashjian said in a statement.

"Reporting The War" Due out July '08


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The First Album of 2008 worth coppin'....

Honestly this has got to be the worst year ever as far as major Hip Hop releases go atleast in MY memory....but I definately gotta give the nod to HNIC 2 album is crazy imma def go out and cop that....

Some might argue Ricky Ross but it didn't excite me personally enough to go out and cop and I haven't heard the album so I wouldn't know....but I do know that Boss joint is crazy in the club....

Oh yeah I got a chance to hear the AZ - Undeniable and if you're a fan of lyrics that's a definate must cop aswell imma prolly cop both at the same time to save myself the 2 trips I know the AZ is out already.....but yeah that album is solid dude hasn't lost a step....

Just my thoughts....

Listening Party for TL a/k/a Top A Da Lyne TONITE

The Official Listening Party for TL a/k/a Top A Da Lyne TONITE at CLUB LOUNGE 87 in Manhattan... located on Delancey Street at the corner of Broome Street.


Ready for hip hop's next big superstar?

Well look no further than Southside Jamaica's own, Top Of Da Lyne a/k/a TL. Hailing from Queens' notorious 40 Projects, he is known by many as 'Southside's Favorite' however most industry insiders are labeling him as the artist who can finally bring the east coast back to where it truly belongs. Fellow Queens native 50 Cent has even recognized TL in his music fully knowing the power he possesses with his vivid street tales and a charismatic flow that is similar to none.

With the likes of high profile producers such as Red Sypda and Rockwilder and artists like Jim Jones and Pusha T of The Clipse saying he is next up as well as Jay-Z's own A&R Lenny S. cosigning him, TL is truly destined for greatness. With music that brings chills to your body, all DJ's should give this artist a chance. Jay-Z himself has even admitted to the fact that TL can give him a run for his money!

After turning down a $1 million dollar deal with a signing bonus of a Ferrari by Irv Gotti, TL confidently admits "It just wasn't the right time". Not known to be featured on many mixtapes, TL is currently making his mark on street DVDs such as Hood Affairs and Smack as well as various Superstar Jay projects.

All supporters as well as the non-believers are cordially invited to attend the official listening party on Wednesday April 16, 2008 at Club Lounge 87 in Manhattan to witness history being made with the release of TL's highly anticipated mixtape hosted by Superstar Jay entitled Money Music Part II: The Flip (It's Time To Cash In). Doors open at 7pm and the listening session begins promptly at 8pm.

A strong industry presence will be in the building so whether you are an artist, DJ, DVD director or just a fan of hip hop, be sure to bring your networking game!

14 Deadly Secrets of DJ Premier

This is something different right here...Primo takes us thru 14 of his classics giving us the behind the scenes story and background on each joint...producers yall gonna love this right here....

“14 Deadly Secrets” (Primo’s stories behind the classics)

1. “Words I Manifest”-Gang Starr
2. “Tha ? Remainz”-Gang Starr
3. “Nas Is Like”-Nas
4. “N.Y. State Of Mind”-Nas
5. “MC’s Act Like They Don’t Know”-Krs One
6. “A Million and One Questions”-Jay Z
7. “New Jack City”-M.O.P.
8. “Full Clip”-Gang Starr
9. “You Know My Steez”-Gang Starr
10. “Come Clean”-Jeru The Damaja
11. “Livin’ Proof”-Gang Starr
12. “Defeat”-Afu Ra
13. “When I Be On The Mic”-Rakim
14. “Step In The Arena”-Gang Starr

Running Time: 30+ mins
Listen Here

Shouts to Trife!!!

Main Source - Looking Out The Front Door

Today's throwback joint of the day....woke up felt like listening to this classic right here...

Dmx - Interview Dissing Ja Rule & 50 Cent

DMX is a wild dude....

G-Unit in Hawaii Pt. 1

Maybe this means 50 will be in one of the new Lost episodes....

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Tony Yayo - Drug Users Hanbook

1. Obama Intro
2. Tony Yayo - Get Yo Hustle On
3. Tony Yayo - On The Block
4. Lloyd Banks - Crack
5. Lloyd Banks - I Am Legend
6. Young Buck - Ghetto Supastar
7. Young Jeezy, T.I. - Supastar (Crack Version)
8. Young Buck, SOSA - The Re-Up
9. Lil' Wayne - Lollipop
10. Overdose Skit
11. Young Buck, CBO - I Got It Like That
12. Tony Yayo - Skit
13. Lloyd Banks - 2 G's Up
14. Jim Jones - Luv Me No More
15. Lloyd Banks - Money Rules the World
16. Uncle Murda - We Grinding
17. CNN - Slingin Night N Day
18. Ron Paul Legalizing Heroin skit
19. Young Buck - All Eyes On Me
20. B.A. (BadAss) - Moving *Candy*
21. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Admits He Smokes Skit
22. Slim Da Mobster - 1000 Gram Man
23. Tony Yayo Amsterdam Skit
24. Bishop Lamont - Smokin King Kong (prod. by Dr. Dre)
25. 50 Cent - I Got Money (Paper Chaser)
26. Cashis - I Got That product
27. 50 Cent Smoke Crack skit
28. 50 Cent - Good To You
29. Yo Gotti feat. Juelz Santana - Cocaine
30. Rich Boy, Lil' Wayne, Nas - Crack Version
31. Burning Drugs Outro
32. T.I. Hood Newz Outro

Download both parts to make files work!!

Download Pt. 1
Download Pt. 2

Nicki Minaj - Sucka Free

1. (00:01:09) Nicki Minaj - President Carter Speaks
2. (00:03:18) Nicki Minaj - Sunshine (Ft. Lil Wayne)
3. (00:02:15) Nicki Minaj - Set it Off
4. (00:02:43) Nicki Minaj - Brraaattt (Ft. Ransom)
5. (00:02:36) Nicki Minaj - Higher Then A Kite (Ft. Lil Wayne)
6. (00:02:20) Nicki Minaj - Grindin
7. (00:02:02) Nicki Minaj - Curious George
8. (00:00:07) Nicki Minaj - Sucka Free 08 (Ft. Lil Wayne)
9. (00:02:19) Nicki Minaj - Baddest *****
10. (00:03:39) Nicki Minaj - Wanna Minaj (Ft. Lil Kim & Gucci Man)
11. (00:02:23) Nicki Minaj - Doin it Well (Ft. Jadakiss)
12. (00:03:11) Nicki Minaj - Cuchi Shop
13. (00:00:19) Nicki Minaj - Hundred Million Dollaz (Ft. Lil Wayne)
14. (00:02:38) Nicki Minaj - Young Money Ballaz (Ft. Lil Wayne)
15. (00:03:04) Nicki Minaj - Sweetest Girl
16. (00:01:37) Nicki Minaj - Firm Biz 08 (Ft. Jadakiss)
17. (00:02:46) Nicki Minaj - Dead Wrong
18. (00:03:16) Nicki Minaj - Long Time Comin (Ft. Ransom)
19. (00:02:34) Nicki Minaj - Womp Womp
20. (00:02:27) Nicki Minaj - Whos Ya Best MC?
21. (00:04:33) Nicki Minaj - Autobiography
22. (00:00:16) Nicki Minaj - President Carter Signs Off
23. (00:05:42) Nicki Minaj - Lollipop Remix (Ft. Lil Wayne)


Saturday, April 12, 2008


01. 4:44 Fat Joe - Intro (Dissin G-Unit)
02. 3:34 Fat Joe Ft. K.A.R, Rob Cash, Onez, And Mike
Beck - 300 Brolic (We Want War Rmx) Dissin
03. 3:43 K.A.R Ft. Rob Cash, Onez, And Leader - Poppin
Off (Prod. By Street Radio)
04. 3:46 K.A.R Ft. Rob Cash, Mike Beck, Onez, And Tony
Sunshine - Stop Talking
05. 4:55 K.A.R Ft. Rob Cash, Mike Beck, Onez, Leader,
And Sean Kingston - I'm A Gangsta (Original
06. 2:20 Mike Beck - Prisoner
07. 3:09 Leader - No Problems (Prod. By StreetRunner)
08. 0:49 Pistol Pete - Interlude (Dissin Tony Yayo)
09. 2:52 Rob Cash Ft. Onez - Kill All Rats Boyz
10. 4:25 K.A.R Ft. Mike Beck, Rob Cash, Onez, And Fat
Joe - Victim (Dissin G-Unit)
11. 1:46 Fat Joe - Interlude (Dissin 50, Lloyd Banks,
Tony Yayo, Young Buck, And Mobb Deep)
12. 3:16 Mike Beck Ft. Lunch, And Grafh - Million
Dollar Swag (Prod. By Jay Mizzle And Heavy
13. 1:34 Onez - Fuck G-Unit
14. 1:29 Sheek Louch Ft. Ja Rule, And Black Child -
Interlude (Hip Hop Hates 50 Cent)
15. 3:38 Rob Cash - It Is What It Is
16. 3:20 K.A.R Ft. Leader, Mike Beck, And Rob Cash -
Mafia Music
17. 2:11 Leader Ft. Hookmaster - Murder
18. 1:07 Fat Joe - Interlude (Dissin G-Unit)
19. 4:01 Mike Beck Ft. Lunch Money, And Milly - You
Ain't Hard
20. 3:13 Onez - I'm In The Hood
21. 0:44 Pistol Pete - Interlude
22. 2:06 Mike Beck - Shadow Of Death
23. 1:39 Leader - Fuck G-Unit (Live From Rikers
24. 3:21 Leader Ft. Onez, And Hookmaster - Callin
25. 3:34 K.A.R Ft. Mike Beck, Rob Cash, Leader, Onez,
And Fat Joe - Times Running Out (Rmx)
26. 1:06 Fat Joe - Outro (Dissin G-Unit)
27. 1:25 Da Real Verble Kent - Live From Rikers C - 73
(Dissin G-Unit)
28. 2:25 Tony Pacasso - Dissin G-Unit
29. 1:59 Sylence - Dissin G-Unit
30. 1:20 Drak - Live From Comstock Correctional
Faciltiy (Dissin G-Unit)


Prodigy - Cut Em Short

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Nas Speaks on New Album, Presidential Race

Nas' controversially titled album Nigger has been delayed more than a New York-bound car in the Battery Tunnel on a Sunday night. But the Queensbridge rapper is still determined to put out his project.

With the highly charged song titles and hot-button topics he's addressing, however, he's finding out it hasn't been so easy to pull in collaborators. That's why, Nas explained, he's looking to team with more left-of-center acts.

"I always want to work with different dudes when it's time to put together a record, so I was just out there, listening to tracks from different cats and seeing what's good out there," he said. "Cats that make music that says something to people, you know what I'm saying? So I kinda wanted to work with more cats out there that's doing something different.

"I don't wanna reveal everybody that I worked with yet," Nas added. "Because I'm still working [and] still finishing up the record. And I think I want that to speak for itself."

Esco was also hush on whom he's supporting in the Democratic presidential primary. Similar to 50 Cent, who initially endorsed Hillary Clinton and is now undecided, Nas didn't want to commit to one candidate when he's still feeling out their platforms. But he did say he was particularly fond of Barack Obama.

"This election year, I'm still not really sure where I sit with politicians," Nas said. "I'm not really trustin' [them] still. But I think this election is the best thing we could ask for right now, coming out of [George W.] Bush. What better candidates could you ask for other than Hillary and Obama? So, you know, this presidential run, it makes more sense than it ever did before.

"I'd love to see Barack Obama become the president. He's the face of America, hands down," the rapper said. "There's no two ways to look at it, man. The man's got what it takes. He's serious. As a kid, you always think, 'We'll never see a black president,' you know? 'There'll never be a black president.' And you always feel that way. Everybody's always grew up that way, black and white. So I think now, with Obama having a great chance of winning, I think [with] black and white, there's been something lifted off their shoulders. It's like, 'This can happen. This can be great.' And it's about time." ...


More Nas Album Details...

Taken from Rolling Stones Mag...

"And you thought Hip Hop Is Dead was a provocative title! 'This record is a lot more serious than Hip-Hop', says Nas, who tackles race and American history on his new album. Polow Da Don, Stargate, and Cool and Dre contribute beats to the disc, which includes "Be A Nigga Too" (a play on the Dr. Pepper jingle), the Fox News-slamming "Sly-Fox", and "This is Not America", on which he raps about sexism and racism in the U.S. 'This album is like talking to your child about sex', says Nas. 'Its uncomfortable, but its important'. "

Related Music:

1978 Dr.Pepper Jingle

Nicki Minaj got the internet going nuts....

New Nicki Minaj ft. Lil Wayne - Big Spender

Related Videos:

Nicki Minaj ft. Lil Wayne - High As A Kite

DJ Blazita - Back on that New York Sh*t!!

Cop That!!


01 50 Cent & G-Unit - Grimey
02 50 Cent - Liar Liar
03 50 Cent & G-Unit - Chase the Cat
04 Nicki Minaj - Grindin Freestyle
05 50 Cent & G-Unit - I Like the Way She Do It
06 Busta Rhymes - Don't Touch Me
07 Glaccius - Blazita Freestyle
08 Tom Gist - Dipset Interlude
09 Tom Gist - I Don't Know That Nigga
10 50 Cent, Fat JOe, Jadakiss, Fabolous & Red Cafe - Paper Touchin Remix
11 40 Cal - Shut Down
12 Styles P - The Life
13 JayZ - Aint I
14 Prodigy - Money Is A Weapon
15 M Reck & J Fenic - Wild For the Night 2008
16 Cuban Link - MONEY
17 Esso - Thinking Out Loud III
18 Nicki Minaj - Big Spender Freestyle
19 Fabolous - I Came For the Money
20 S-One, Cuban Link, Mysonne, & Lord Tariq - BX High Blood Pressure (Fat Joe Diss)
21 Ali Vegas & Sav Killz - Fresh Gutta
22 Young Nik - Bouncers
23 Ransom - Big Wheelz
24 Grafh & Sheek Louch - Rampage
25 Big Lou - Expand
26 AC - Heart Gently Weeps

In The Studio w/ Crown City

Blue Tops: Behind The Scenes

Monday, April 7, 2008

Sunday, April 6, 2008

DJ Spotlight: Southside's own DJ Supreme

It's Blend Season - Queens Style....

DJ Supreme gets busy on the 1 and 2's also peep the quick cameo by the Legendary Queens DJ Grandmaster Vic...

Preme on 1's and 2's

Where did you grow up?
I was born in Harlem, NY on March 29th of 1977. At the age of 6, I moved to South Road, South Jamaica, Queens. You couldnt walk outside after dark. I still miss that hood.

How did you start DJing?
I started DJing in 1985. I knew someone with turntables, his name was DJ Rhyme Slayer (Barry) and I used to go to his crib as much as possible. He lived around the way. He was a rapper too, he was cool. He was the first dude who had me doing tricks on the turntables, because he used to do them himself. But he never pursued DJing. When I finally got my own equipment, all I had was a little tape deck and turntables on top of the radio with a CD player. I would collect records way before I even got my first set of turntables. Sometimes, I would even record music off the radio. I finally got my first pair of turntables in 1986.

How did you get your DJ name?
They would call me the nicest DJ in Southside, thats how I got my name. DJ Supreme... Southsidez Finest. I used to be called DJ T Ski, but didnt really like that name. But I still use it every now and then. My current DJ name, Supreme, I got from the dictionary, not the other Supreme that was doing his dirt back in the day. Highest above all, thats what I wanted, to be the best DJ around.

How would you describe your style of DJing?
I have a DJing style all of my own. I would take styles from [my good friends] & mentors, DJ Master Shane, DJ Flamboyant, DJ Grandmaster Vick, from battling skills, and mixed them all into one, and I would kill DJs. As far as my style and the tricks I would do, other DJs couldnt touch me. I made my skills somewhat better than my mentors. I would make them more precise and on point.

Who was your biggest influence?
A big part of my career as a DJ was DJ Master Shane (producer, songwriter, rapper, DJ). He was my mentor, idol, influence, my world as far as music was concerned. I looked up to him as my brother. He would always look out for me. Through him I met La Set, Monifah, Monica, Panama PI, Craig Mack, Redman Jodeci, almost. They were parked in front of Shanes house one day. He was that dude who kept me moving. Then he passed away in 2004, the day after Valentines Day.

Who are some of the DJs that you roll with?
DJ Infamous was rolling with me since South Road. Thats my partner. When it comes down to mixes and blends, aint nobody touching us.

KT is a good dude. Met him in school, thats why I never turn my back on him. We went through bullshit together. He owes me as much as I owe him.

DJ Unique, thats a good dude. He was around when I first started DJing. We were on bad terms at times, but thats definitely my dog. He is in North Carolina now doing his thing.

The Rockaway Twins: the Southside Clique, thats me and them. They are cool dudes. We werent always on good terms when I was with Shane. Shane was a hot head, and DJ Unique was spreading rumors at the time. But now we squashed that. We run around and do parties together. When its me and them together, you best believe there will be a problem. We will kill the party.

Grandmaster Vic(GMV), Mr. Cheeks DJ. He has a style that he has perfected, and when he does it, he looks like he’s 15 years old and looks so unique. Hes old school.

Amazing Dewitt. He’s from the old school. That dude is nasty. If all these DJs, including myself, would be on one page for a party, that’s a problem.

DJ Feeka 2000, that’s my right hand man. Back in the day when he was DJing, he was that dude. Thanks to him, I experienced DJing for 500, 600 people at a party. I got to experience that.

Grandmaster Vic & DJ Supreme

Where are some of the places you DJed at?
I DJed wherever the money was at. If you can get me there, Im gone. Ive went to South Bent, Indiana with Shane. That was the furthest Ive been. I made a demo CD and the radio station out there shouted out our party. But most of the parties I rock are local: New York, New Jersey, Staten Island, etc.

Ive even had the opportunity to DJ at O Connell Park alongside LL Cool J. DJ Party DJed at this place called Top Bridge on 150th and liberty. Everybody wanted me to DJ there. I finally did the party and shut it down. Party was the house DJ, so they gave me one night and he would do another night. Chris, Party knew him, wanted us to do a party at a place called Strike. Chris was somehow associated with LL Cool J. Chris called Party one day and told him he wanted us to do a summer jam with LL Cool J. If it wasnt for Party, I would never have gotten the LL gig. Party is like the cooler and not so flashy replacement of Shane, I guess.

Do you remember the first party you DJed?
It was a backyard jam and I was DJing off of house speakers. I kept the receiver with a big ole house fan in back of it to keep it cool. It was off the hook until they shot it up. I had a little ass red car, just like the car in House Party that Bilal is trying to push his equipment in. Thats why I will never forget that party.

What style of music do you normally play?
Hip hop and R&B is what I do. If anybody has records and wants to get rid of them, dont do that yet. Hand them to me. If you need a show at your party, Im your man.

-interviewed by Nik of Unik Graphix

The Illest Gun In Queensbridge

Mega Montana

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Sterling 9mm MK4 SMG Sub Machine Gun

In The Studio w/ Infamous Mobb

Nore In Da Hood

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Big Mato - This Is For The Block

DJ On Point & DJ Absolut - Queens Da Movement Mixtape

Track List:

1. Intro
2. It's On (prod. Doe Boy)
3. C'mere Girl f. John Depp
4. Why Must They Die (prod. Benny H)
5. Cars Ride By
6. Da Movement (prod. Benny H)
7. GOD 2008
8. Lexx 9Eleven - Bang Bang
9. OX - Represent
10. Celebration
11. Call My Name f. One Shot
12. Gangsta Shit
13. Vic Damone - I Promise
14. Landlord - Money Maker
15. Calm Down
16. Queens Get the Money (Bonus)


The Game is back at it again...

The Game is back with yet another yes ANOTHER G-Unit diss...

The Game - Our Turn

A Hip Hop pioneer passes away - R.I.P. Frosty Freeze

Breakdance Pioneer Dies in NYC
Friday, April 4, 2008 9:03 AM EDT
The Associated Press
By ULA ILNYTZKY Associated Press Writer

NEW YORK (AP) — Wayne "Frosty Freeze" Frost, a hip-hop pioneer whose acrobatic performance with the legendary Rock Steady Crew in the 1983 movie "Flashdance" helped set off a worldwide breakdancing craze, has died. He was 44.

Frost died Thursday at Mount Sinai Medical Center after a long illness, said Jorge "Fabel" Pabon, a senior vice president of the crew where Frost and other so-called b-boys (for beat or break boys) made their name performing complicated and daring dance routines.

"He was one of most charismatic b-boys that ever lived," said Benson Lee, director of the new documentary film "Planet B-Boy."

Breakdancing emerged from the Bronx and Harlem in the early 1970s, part of the hip-hop culture that also included graffiti, MCing or rapping, and disc jockeys scratching and mixing vinyl records on turntables.

During extended pauses, or breaks, in the music, b-boys would mimic James Brown's showmanship and footwork and Bruce Lee's martial arts, adding their own signature moves.

Frost was known for his energetic style, intricate choreography and fearless moves including back flips and head spins. One was even dubbed the "Suicide."

Frost got his start in 1978 with the Bronx-based Rock City Crew. In 1981, he became part of the Rock Steady Crew, joining such acclaimed breakdancers as Ken Swift and Lil Crazy Legs.

Frost toured the world with the Rock Steady Crew and other hip-hop artists, including Fab 5 Freddy, Futura 2000 and Kool Lady Blue.

Frost's appearance with Rock Steady Crew in "Flashdance" spread the breakdance phenomenon globally, said Joseph Schloss, a visiting scholar in the music department at New York University. "He was one of the first B-boys that most people ever saw," Schloss said.

Graffiti artist and close friend Zulu King Slone, who knew Frost for 15 years, said he was "like a walking hip-hop culture encyclopedia."

As a member of the Rock Steady Crew, Frost also appeared in several movies on hip-hop culture, including "Wild Style," "Beat Street" and "Style Wars." He also appeared on the cover of the Village Voice in 1981.

Un Pacino Hardwhite Freestyle

This sh!t is hardbody!!

New Ali Vegas album droppin this Summer

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Living The Hip-Hop Life In Corona, Queens

At first glance, a high-end urban lifestyle boutique seems out of place above the Kennedy Fried Chicken on Junction Blvd. in Corona.

The wafting odor of fried chicken and the high-pitched sounds of electronic toys of the Chinese wholesaler next door could easily distract from what’s in between: a minimalist 10-foot-wide brick wall painted black.

Two brass-potted shrubs flank the glass entrance, and except for a black-and-white flag on the building’s second floor, All the Right boutique is almost invisible.

Owner George Landin said All the Right has transitioned from a record store with a recording studio and barber shop to a high-end apparel boutique in accordance with hip-hop’s four elements: DJ (disc jockey), MC (Master of Ceremonies), B-boy (break dancer), and graffiti.

Since 1998, All the Right has been a fixture in this working-class, mostly Latino neighborhood, attracting local rappers and graffiti artists and generating buzz by word of mouth as far away as Japan. Landin, who grew up in Corona, is now in the process of expanding All the Right’s vision and vibe to Los Angeles where he is scheduled to open another store in late February.

This story was published in the Queen's Tribune.

Tapemasta/ bless us wit a couple Queens classics

New Pushin Tapes with Tapemasta

Recent Additions Available For Download....(Click on Pics for Download)

DJ Clue - Double Flava Vol. 2

DJ Camilo - R & B II (Feelin’It)

Storm P, Amazin, & Topadalyne - "Queens Where I'm At"

Queens Da Movement "G.O.D 2008"

Queens Da Movement Featuring Vic Damone, Lexx9Eleven, LandLord & OX Video For 'G.O.D. 2008' Off Of The 'Queens Da Movement Mixtape' Presented By DJ OnPoint & DJ Absolut.

The Original School of Hard Knocks

The original source for them Queens shirts and hoodies...

Store is located in the heart of East Elmhurst/Corona NYC. 106-11 Northern Blvd between 106 & 107 TH Streets.


50 Cent Vs. His Baby Mama

R.I.P Freaky Tah 3/28/99

Seems like there's too many of these anniversaries in Hip Hop....

This one was a big loss to me. I feel like it killed the whole Lost Boyz movement which was a big part of the whole Queens movement back then. Sometimes people overlook Tah's passin' and it gets lost wit the Big's, Pac's, Pun's, and Big L's....maybe its becuz he was more of a hypeman then anything....

R.I.P Freaky Tah 3/28/99

Can't believe it's been 9yrs....

Lost Boyz - Lifestyles of the rich and shameless (Classic)

Recent XXL Mr. Cheeks interview talkin bout Tah's passin'....

Throwback joint of the day...

Mobb Deep - Back At You

Kool G Rap on Mixtape Monday



Prodigy - Money Is A Weapon

This my shit....

Prodigy Of Mobb Deep Speaks On Ron Paul And Obama

Well Ron Paul is out...but I guess this is still relevent....Hold ya head P....

Nore the bartender demonstrates how to make "the nasty"

@ 5:09...

Haha you gotta love Nore but this has got to be the worst drink anybody could ever come up with....

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

50 Cent Previews G-Unit Album For MTV News At His Connecticut Mansion

Hip-hop heavyweight also reiterates that Curtis was a 'dud,' hopes to reclaim his mixtape supremacy.

By Shaheem Reid

Last week, 50 Cent called his latest LP, Curtis, a "dud" via video blog. On Wednesday at his Connecticut mansion, he said the world heard him correctly, and he's not afraid to admit it.

"It was," he said at his office, located directly one floor above two clubs he has in the house. He built Club TKO to showcase singing, dancing and DJing, while the other club has a stripper pole, swing and catwalk stage tailor-made for another kind of dancing. "It was a blockbuster that I lit, and it didn't explode. I felt like it should have went a lot further than the results I received. Publicly, I feel that 50 Cent fans don't believe it was a dud. It did have 'I Get Money,' it did have 'Ayo Technology,' 'I'll Still Kill,' 'Follow My Lead' with Robin Thicke. These records were hit records, but the timing they came out was wrong. If the first record you heard off Curtis was 'I Get Money,' it would have shifted more millions in sales."

(We also chatted with 50 about the presidential race — and long-in-the-works G-Unit group album, tentatively titled Lock and Load.

50 only reveals one song title, "The Party Ain't Over," which features all four of the core Unit members, including Young Buck. Sonically, it appeals to your inner-hooligan, recalling the evaporating thump of "I Get Money," with Fif and company boasting and denouncing talk of the group's demise. There's another track on which 50 jokes that he doesn't care if his enemies fall off a building. Later, he played a Swizz Beatz-produced track, obviously named "Down" (trust us, the chorus says it all), on which 50 gloats about getting busy on the mic. Yayo, of course, is the most energetic, frequently dancing with his arms extended horizontally like airplane wings. A record called "Liar, Liar" features 50 telling a girl everything she wants to hear, knowing full well he's less than sincere.

"I created monsters," Fif would say during a quieter time upstairs in his office about his fellow G-Unit rappers. "Frankensteins. I got three of them. It's like creatively they got strong opinions on things they like. ... They'll be telling each other, like, 'Yo, I'm telling you.' They got a different way of saying it to each other than saying it to me. They be like, 'Nah, he be saying we need to keep this record.' ... I think their solo careers changed what our collaborations were in the beginning. If you look at the beginning of the mixtapes, I was creating the hooks."

50 is excited to get the G-Unit album out, but he's not going to rush it. He's back on the mixtape scene with three street CDs since last fall and another one, with DJ Drama, coming in the next few weeks. He says with so many wolves in the studio, creating material hasn't been a problem.

"You should be amazing on the album," he declared about working with so many other individuals. "You don't have to write three verses. All you have to do is one. You should write three and pick one. I'm like, 'You're a solo artist right?' I'll tell them to redo the verse [if it's not up to snub]. 'Just do it again. Let's see what the second one sounds like if we're not sure.' They don't mind. The process is interesting because they've developed their own personal liking for things they want to do. But the response to the mixtape material — which has proven to them they should listen — is making them follow what I'm saying."


Featured Release

"Nuclear Winter represents many things. It represents dark times in our lives, it represents the state of NY hip hop & how I feel about it, & it represents my blueprint on how I think the music should be done going forward into the future. This is my manifesto to all the people that doubted me & the kryptonite to all selfishness. It's a journey from darkness into light, & from bondage & the huge amounts of weight on our shoulders to breaking free and regaining our freedom. Nuclear Winter we're coming to take shine....." - Willie Maze

The Generals consist of emcees Willie Maze & Dime.

Released 17 July 2012 Art & Direction: Willie Maze

For Booking & Info Contact:

All Songs Recorded & Mixed by SPKilla Muzik

Cover Artwork: Miami Kaos



The Land Where Stars Are Born....