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Thursday, July 28, 2011

(Artist Spotlight/Audio) Camiliano [ @CAMILIANO_NYC ] ft. Juju of The Beatnuts [ @TheRealBeatnuts ] - ''Circus''

(Video) Grafh [ @Grafh ] - ''I'm On One'' Freestyle

(Video) Chinx Drugz [ @ChinxDrugz ] - ''In My Life'' (Pd. by @7thEmpBeats & Dir. by @MasarMasar )

Chinx Drugz is a member of Coke Boys [French Montana Group]. He also represents a quarter of Tha Riot Squad. Riot Squad is a rap group from Far Rockaway, Queens led by the late great Stack Bundles.

Chinx Drugz "Cocaine Riot" Hosted by Evil Empire, Big Mike & Bizkit ►

Follow @ChinxDrugz @7thEmpBeats @MasarMasar

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

(Video) A-Mafia ( @MafiaTheBoss ) - ''King Of My City'' Prod. by AraabMUZIK - Dir. by @MasarMasar

Been a minute since we posted some Mafia music.

A-Mafia - "What The Streets Made Me" : Hosted By Evil Empire ►

(Cypher Commission) Queensbridge cypher on 12th st. featuring Godfather Pt. 3 (IM3) [Video]

BIG TWINS - THE INFAMOUS QB DOUBLE CD + DVD available soon featuring more than 30 artist from QB.

(Video) Papoose [ @Papooseonline ] - ''Otis'' Freestyle [Directed By @DoggieDiamonds ]

Shouts to Doggie Diamonds &

(Video) N.O.R.E. [ @Noreaga ] Lil Wayne & Pharell - ''Finito'' (Behind The Scenes Pt. 1)

(Artist Spotlight/Video) Dreadchild [ @Dreadchild ] ft. Nature [ @THEREALNATURE ] - ''I Don't Make Believe''

I don't understand why Nature doesn't put out more product on a consistent basis. This is the debut single from artist DREADCHILD of KNOTZ who's slated to drop his solo album entitled "THE LADDER" summer 2011.

(Video) Rick Ross [ @rickyrozay ] in the studio with Alchemist [ @AlanTheChemist ]

Beats sound crazzzzzyyyyyyy. 'GOD FORGIVES, I DON'T'coming soon.

Monday, July 25, 2011

(Mixtape Download) MIKE DELOREAN - "The Evolution Of Mike Delorean"

Been Had Money Records in conjunction with Audio Pictures presents Queensbridge MC Mike Delorean in "The Evolution of Mike Delorean." The 14-track set is the first offering from the veteran rapper since his release from prison last year. As the title of the mixtape suggests, Mike D has come a long way from his days as one-part of the Mobb Deep affiliated rap duo Barz-N-Hooks. His growth is documented on the introductory track, "When It Rains, It Pours," "I had a dream I grew up and be just like Jay/ travel all around the world and be dressed like 'Ye/but the narcs on the roof sending FEDS my way/and that devil in the flesh want to test my faith/the evolution." The self-proclaimed "Aura God" (Mike D coined the phrase 'aura') auralizes the set from QB to Compton on the lead single "We On It" featuring Young Dad, where he spits "I'm just trying to win/not to sin." The R.Kelly assisted "Taxi Cab" is proof of the latter, as Mike's tale of a rendezvous with a bad chick, in the back seat of cab, is certain to be your lady's favorite. Despite his lofty ambitions, Mike Goonberg doesn't stray too far from his "G-Shit," addressing the naysayers and his frenemies on "The Message." Speaking on former mentor, Prodigy's comments about Mike's mother (RIP) in the Mobb Deep de-facto leader's book My Infamous Life, Mike settles the controversy in a single phrase "Loyalty is royalty." On "Unforgettable," the embattled rapper pens a heartfelt letter to his deceased mother and brother over Drake's popular instrumental. Delorean ends the set with "No Competition" where he declares, "Get behind me/I'm #1 in the projects/test me."

(Video) Mac Miller [ @MacMiller ] - ''Best Day Ever''

This is dope...I've seen this kid come a long way, from the days of Illspoken 'til now.

(Audio) S.A.S (Eurogang) @MegaSAS & @MayhemSAS - ''Gucci Gucci'' Freestyle

Via I'm a little late on this but better late than never.

(Video) Ox [ @OXLGANG ] - ''HELD HOSTAGE'' (Dir. by @SHATEK )


(Video) Ox [ @OXLGANG ] in the studio w/ @ProdigyMobbDeep & @DJOnpoint - Via @KingSmij

(Video) Ty Nitty - [ @TYNITTYMOBB ] - ''NY GIANT''

Nitty comes through with the 1, 2 punch. Back to back solid joints....

(Video) Ty Nitty - [ @TYNITTYMOBB ] - ''ALL TIME HIGH''

This joint is tough....

Thursday, July 21, 2011

(Video) @JLOVETHEKING ft. @MeyhemLauren, @AgdaCoroner, Take-It & Killa Sha - ''Mind On My Money''

Another solid drop from The Outdoorsmen. R.I.P. Killa Sha.



(Video) @Noreaga wants @myfabolouslife & @thejuelzsantana to rep their latin heritage more

Via: - Check out Vlad's 50 Most Influential Latino Rappers Of All Time list -

(Artist Spotlight/Video) Sese [ @SeseSeason ] - ''Yonkers'' Freestyle

Sese comes thru with another quality drop. I gotta give Sese his props, he stays consistently sending new shit over and it's never wack. Boy puts in some serious work.

Sese - Yonkers Freestyle

YFRWN2 August 16th!

Dir by @GDotSolo

Twitter @SeseSeason

Mp3 Download

Download "Your Favorite Rappers Worst Nightmare"
(Artist Spotlight/Video) Sese [ @SeseSeason ] - ''What A World'' (Dir. by @GDotSolo )
(Artist Spotlight/Audio) Sese ( @SeseSeason ) - ''Liquid N.E.S.'' (Prod. by @2oolman )
(Artist Spotlight/Video) Sese [ @SeseSeason ] - ''YFRWN'' (Prod by Vokab & Goldentone)
(Artist Spotlight/Video) Sese ( @SeseSeason ) - "Everything's A Go" Freestyle
(Artist Spotlight/Video) Sese ( @SeseSeason ) - "Willy Wonka" Freestyle

(Audio) @CAMILIANO ft. @Thruway & @RodDaBlizz - ''We Ain't Fuckin' Around'' (Pd. by @LaborDeptMusic )

What? You think we just bought the latest version of Pro Tools & picked up a mic yesterday? Nah. #WeAintFuckinAround. Crown City Records: Since 1999. Stay tuned for Camiliano's new mixtape entitled No Days Off coming real real soon. Also be on the look out for Rod Da Blizz's latest mixtape entitled Phukk Yall...Another Damn Mixtape!!! #CCR. Produced by #TheLaborDept.

(Artist Spotlight/Audio) Camiliano [ @CAMILIANO_NYC ] ft. @NutsoPPM & @Thruway - ''Queens Shit'' (Pd. by @GrandLarceny_ )
(Artist Spotlight/Audio) Camiliano [ @CAMILIANO_NYC ] - ''No Days Off''
(Audio) Rod Da Blizz [ @RodDaBlizz ] - ''Termination At Will'' (Pd. by @LaborDeptMusic )
(Producer Spotlight/Audio) Labor Department 2011 Beat Sampler #2 [ @diggstrumentals @RodDaBlizz @labordeptmusic ]
(Producer Spotlight/Audio) Labor Department 2011 Beat Sampler #1 [ @diggstrumentals @RodDaBlizz @labordeptmusic ]
(Audio) Rod Da Blizz feat. Thruway & Gab Gotcha - ''2 Shots & The Dour''

(Video) Big Twins - ''To The Top'' (Pd. by @AlanTheChemist )

Off The Grimey Collection released in 2008. Directed by Daniel Laughlin and Michael Lynch. Cinematography by Rusty Rayburn and Uri Ruffin.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

(Video) 40 Glocc ft. E-40, Snoop Dogg, Too Short, Xzibit, Sevin - ''Welcome to California RMX''

40 Glocc comes thru with a bunch of reinforcements....

(5 Boro Quotable) Fabolous [ @myfabolouslife ] - ''Pain''

The idea of the Hip Hop Quotable isn't new but our rating system is. We may not post as often as some of the bigger blogs but we've always been innovative with it. This is going to be our latest addition of content entitled 5 Boro Quotable where we highlight some of our favorite verses and provide the lyrics to go along with the record. Another idea for you sucka ass niggaz to chomp on.

Fab has always been a slept on lyricist maybe due to the fact that he's always come with some very radio friendly singles but on his recently released S.O.U.L. Tape, Fab once again shows us why his pen game is not to be taken lightly. There are quotables all over this tape but the intro is possibly my favorite. Fab takes the Tupac classic from the Above The Rim soundtrack entitled Pain and does it justice. Pac would be proud. Below is our very first recipient of the 5 Boro Quotable seal of approval.

Fabolous – Pain Lyrics

I’m old enough to know better, young enough to not give a f-ck
Rather hold my head high & die, then live and duck
If you’re cool with being taken down and giving up
Your lifestyle’s a blow job, the way you’re living sucks!
I done felt pain, waited but no help came
Went through some crazy shit still kept myself sane
You ever been dying of thirst and smelt rain
Ever been told “go to hell” and felt flames
The water’s to your neck and only gets deeper
Its all down hill and it only gets steeper
Gotta get over it, be a hurdle leaper
It cost to be the boss, it aint get no cheaper
But there’s a man above that we all under bro
No bread truck but he work wonders though!
After you wake up, everything is wonderful
You can overcome anything you undergo
As an artist I’m just tryna paint the perfect picture
But see where tryna wait for somebody thats perfect gets you
That usually lead to nothing like virgin kisses
And I be tryna cut, surgeon bitches
Dreams of splurging riches, pretty but curvy misses
Chef to serve the dishes, driving to swerve the ditches
I’m just another kid on the curb of wishes
And the streets is tough, on the verge of vicious
So I sold weed and crack, business
That white girl helped a nigga, Fergalicious
But getting money bring jealousy and verbal disses
So when you killin’ shit watch out for the murder witness
An old head told me, let nothing disturb your business
Beef is only good when you in the burger business
So I chilled, but loaded up the steal
Like I wish a nigga would, But I know a nigga will
But for real you loaded up to kill
Cause soon as a nigga could the sooner a nigga will
And I don’t owe these niggas nothing
Put that in a nigga will


NEW Teaser by EffiscienZ featuring Gab Gotcha & Meyhem Lauren for DJ Brans album "The Branstorm" which will be available end of 2011.

(Artist Spotlight/Audio) AMiAM [ @AMiAMHipHop ] – ''We Got That''

Via Fly Definiton Music and AMiAM (of Vets of Kin) Reach out to Detroit, New York and of course Ozone, FL. Crafting a boom bap collaboration for his new mixtape. MyGrane McNastee, Sha Stimuli, V-Stylez, JBiz & veteran Grand Daddy I.U. show up to prove that even nowadays "WE GOT THAT" feeling to once again experience deja vu. JuniAli (of The Beat Ministry) maestro's the production, DJ YNot conducts the cuts, and The Emcees Do What Emcees Do...Rhyme.

(Artist Spotlight/Video) Silent Knight [ @SilentKnightter ] - ''Stayin' Busy'' (Pd. by @audibledoctor )

One of my favorite records right now....check out

Stayin' Busy
Silent Knight
Busy Is My Best Friend
Soulspazm // Elementality Productions
Dir: Sylvio Sandino

Friday, July 15, 2011

(Artist Spotlight/Video) THE EPIXX [ @theepixx ] ft. XP of the RHYME ADDICTS (IM3 West) - ''Come Correct''

This is crazyyyyyyyyy. Shouts to my West Coast Gzzz.

"Come Correct"
The Epixx Ft. XP of the Rhyme Addicts
Album: Tension

(Animated Video) Cormega [ @realcormega ] ft. Red Alert, Parrish Smith, Puba, Krs-One & Big Daddy Kane - ''Fresh'' Animation/Directed by Edward Christian/Aura.

(Video) N.O.R.E. [ @Noreaga ] ft. Pharell - ''Like The Way''

#Lefrak what what!!
Executive Producer: DJ EFN
Director: Garcia
Director of Photography: Jacob Rivera
Edited by: Garcia
Production Assistant: Borris M.
Special thnx: Charlie Skins, DUIVAN, Outtahand Jack, Jose Sagaro, and Antisteez

(Video) LandLord [ @LandLordMusic ] ft. @JoeBlairFDS & @YADI_RICHFLYGZ - ''Navigation'' (Dir. by @Shatek )


(Video) Onyx [ Sticky Fingaz & @Fredro_Starr ] ft. Young Kazh - ''We On That''

#Southside #Queens #Onyx. We On That!!

(Artist Spotlight/Video) Maffew Ragazino ( @RagazinoSr ) ft. Jon Connor - ''1995''

We were one of the first sites to put you on to Maffew & we're glad to see he's been getting alot more recognition. Here's his latest offering. Maffew Ragazino and Jon Connor take you on a quick trip down memory lane through the year 1995. Many People to date still remember how influential and important this year was in Hip Hop History. The surprising events and unforgettably classic music at this time is what defined the golden era renaissance of Hip Hop.

(Video) Consep ft. Phraze [ @Phraze360 ] - ''All Or Nothing'' (Dir. by @LajaraFilms )

Ahhh today is a good day. Here's another banger from the Q-HH home team. Phraze & Rell present: Consep's "All or Nothing" shot by Lajara Films. #Corona #Queens #CrownCity #Consep. Whattup Twin!! #5

(Audio) Rod Da Blizz [ @RodDaBlizz ] - ''Termination At Will'' (Pd. by @LaborDeptMusic )

I'm back from a long hiatus but I see I haven't missed much. Leave it up to the home team to come back with some fire. Don't ever get this man upset. DJ Rhude says: "Rod Da Blizz vents for all the working stiffs who've ever gotten canned from their JO. Thankfully Rod only went postal on the track and not on the heads at his ex-job." Produced by The Labor Dept. which consists of members Rod Da Blizz & Frank Diggs. For more Labor Dept. music log on to:

Sunday, July 10, 2011

It's Time To Help Out: The Legendary DJ Showtime

NOTE:  The following is courtesy of Tapemasta's blog which you can reach by clicking HERE.

I am quoting his post in its entirety.  Anything we can do we should do for a legend in this thing we call hip hop.   If you are able to help, please do.  This is a man who has done a lot for hip hop, which we all love.    It's only fair that we give back to someone who has given us so much.


Via Classic Mixtapes Blog 


DJ Showtime's son passed away on July 4th, 2011.  As you know, funerals can be expensive and he needs our help.  Please find it in your hearts to give any amount of cash you can.

Contact DJ Showtime Directly

DJ's, Label Reps, Fans, etc
Let's Help A Brother In Need!!!!!!!

Tapemasta: People we need to help this brother out in his time of grief...I lost my father in November 2010, then his mother ( my Grandmother ) April 2011..So i truly understand the pain, he's going thru right now...Let's help him out, because he made alot of your ipods, itouchs, mix tapes & cds pop over the years !! Let's return the favor & show him the love & respect also !! To all the Bloggers, Websites, etc - Let's unite on this one !!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

(Video) Kool G Rap [ @TheRealKoolGRap ] - ''In Too Deep''. Via @allhiphopcom

This dude right here influenced all of your favorite rappers. Salute a general. #Corona #Queens. "Riches, Royalty & Respect" in stores now.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

(Artist Spotlight/Video/Mixtape Download) Flukey [ @ItsFlukeyBaby ] ft. - T-Time - ''Monstah''

It's Flu Season!! Here's the latest video off the mixtape + download link.

(Artist Spotlight/Audio) Camiliano [ @CAMILIANO_NYC ] ft. @NutsoPPM & @Thruway - ''Queens Shit'' (Pd. by @GrandLarceny_ )

This is the first official leak off Crown City Records artist Camiliano's - "No Days Off" mixtape. Produced by Grand Larceny and featuring cuts by Diggers Union's own DJ Unexpected. This mixtape will feature production from The Beatnuts, Clark Kent, The Labor Dept., Grand Larceny & many more. The mixtape also includes features from Juju of The Beatnuts, Nutso, Meyhem Lauren, Rod Da Blizz, Gab Gotcha, Ag Da Coroner, J-Love & many more. Look for it late August. I promise you it's a quality mixtape.

  Camiliano feat. Nutso & Thruway - ''Queens Shit'' by QueensHipHop

[Review] Ryshon Jones ( @Ryshon215 ): She's Leaving For College



The imagination is a powerful thing.   It's the core of what can keep our lives enjoyable.  When your life gets to be too much, a healthy and creative imagination can be what sustains us.  What keeps us from going crazy.  

It can also be what can destroy us.

It can be used to drag us down, to decimate our lives due to our own self esteem or self image issues.   If we allow ourselves to give in to our inner Walter Mitty, weaving these fantastical images for our lives that are never fully realized or only end in doom, it can be a tragic thing.

And that is the situation that the narrator of Philly emcee Ryshon Jones' "She's Leaving For College" finds himself in.  During a session of lovemaking with his girlfriend before she leaves for college, he finds his imagination taking over and he finds himself embracing all these negative scenarios of her moving on without him, with her cheating on him, of him cheating on her.

To a point this is nothing new, as it pertains to the feelings of a guy who's girl is moving away or taking a new job.   Men, as a rule, are a jealous insecure bunch.  We tend to always think that we will be betrayed or rejected.

It's the old situation of men feeling that we are swinging out of our league with the woman we are with.  And so we keep telling ourself that she'll grow tired of us, she'll eventually come to her senses and move on to someone more in her league.   So our imaginations run wild and we tend to destroy ourselves with our fantasies that more often then not, are not based in anything other than just that:  Fantasies.

And that is where the protagonist of this mixtape finds himself.   When he's not thinking of all the things she's doing, he's imagining himself being tempted as well, almost like he's trying to end the relationship in his mind, so it'll be easier to do so in person.

In a way it's kind of like the Good Will Hunting film.  In that film Matt Damon played a character who was so used to people leaving him, abandoning him, and as a result he would push people away first.  He would act an asshole, he would do things that would end with them leaving, because THEN he could say it was because he was an asshole.  Not because of something more personal and intimate about himself.

I think many men suffer from this type of thing.  More than maybe will admit it.  We all drive ourselves crazy over women and a lot of times those jealousy fueled imaginations are not based in reality.

Overall this is a very solid concept album.  I had never heard of Ryshon before finding this mixtape, and I was blown away by it.  The production on this tape is outstanding, especially by Talen Ted (Lust Files) and  Danny Dee (Prototype), and the soulful hip hop vibes to these are excellent. The samples used are done so masterfully and this is actually the first mixtape I've listened to all the way through in quite some time. 

As I was listening, I found myself checking out individual tracks repeatedly before continuing on with the mixtape.  Tracks like "Prototype" and "Lust Files"  There's really nothing to find fault with this effort from the Philly rapper.

Finally, I get a lot of spam email from so-called "next big thing" rappers and links to their songs or mixtapes.   Yet they are 99.9% all garbage.   They are people who desperately need someone in their lives to say "please.  Stop.  Step away from the Mic, Wack Rapper!"

Listening to this mixtape leaves me wishing that I got more music like this in my inbox.   Wishing that I got real solid music sent to me unannounced.   Perhaps that's too much to ask for, as the ones with true talent like Ryshon, don't need to stoop to that level of spamming their music.   Real music gets discovered on its own, and gets the light shined on it.

This concept album is one that needs to be heard.  It's a subject that so many people can relate to.  It's not a stereotypical guns/drugs/hos type of nonsense that many people don't live and don't relate to, except in their distorted fantasies.   It's real life.  It's things that happen to a large section of the population.

And in that sense, Ryshon has created something that is truly truly unique in the current era of hip hop music.  He's made something that is relevant.  Which is probably the most astounding aspect of this whole thing.
NOTE:  This mixtape contains mature themes of a sexual nature.

Featured Release

"Nuclear Winter represents many things. It represents dark times in our lives, it represents the state of NY hip hop & how I feel about it, & it represents my blueprint on how I think the music should be done going forward into the future. This is my manifesto to all the people that doubted me & the kryptonite to all selfishness. It's a journey from darkness into light, & from bondage & the huge amounts of weight on our shoulders to breaking free and regaining our freedom. Nuclear Winter we're coming to take shine....." - Willie Maze

The Generals consist of emcees Willie Maze & Dime.

Released 17 July 2012 Art & Direction: Willie Maze

For Booking & Info Contact:

All Songs Recorded & Mixed by SPKilla Muzik

Cover Artwork: Miami Kaos



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